RoadReady Diamond

The RoadReady® Diamond Package

  • Meets ALL 10 hours of the NAPA Diamond formal training requirement

  • Meets assessment requirement with integrated quizzes

  • Meets reporting requirement at the push of a button

Pavia’s online training system works great for us. The content was helpful, and the delivery made it a quick and convenient process with the crew.

Bob Glenn - Lakeside Industries
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Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingIntroduction to Asphalt Paving Overview of the asphalt paving industry, the players, the paving process and safety concerns. Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingPaving Operations Describes components and functions of the paver, placement techniques and safety practices during paving.
Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingWork Zone Safety Overview of potential hazards during road construction work and safety procedures used to avoid them. Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingPaving Handwork Overview of tools, techniques and procedures used to place and compact hot mix asphalt by hand.
Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingHearing Loss Prevention Introduction to the hazards of noise exposure and common practices for avoiding permanent hearing loss. Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingEnvironmental Awareness Overview of environmental issues, requirements, and best management practices for asphalt mix production.
Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingAsphalt Mix Transport Best practices for loading trucks at the plant, transport to the paving site, and delivery and unloading of material. Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingComponents of Compaction Different types of rollers and how they compact asphalt mixes through four basic components of compaction.
Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingSite Preparation and Planning Preparation for paving projects, including inspection of job site and preparation strategies for both new and existing construction. Pavia Systems RoadReady TrainingQuality Control for Paving Overview of the principles of quality control for paving, covering the basic roles of management, planning, testing, and record keeping.

Because ready to work doesn’t always mean ready to pave.

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Pavia Systems actively works with NAPA, agencies and contractors to make sure that all necessary materials are included in RoadReady training and that the materials include the best, most up-to-date content.