8 HeadLight Academy Advantages Your Team is Missing Out On

All HeadLight project intelligence applications include access to HeadLight Academy which is our embedded learning and development portal. Including access to the Academy Learning Management System (LMS) is a key component of HeadLight’s philosophy of creating in-depth partnerships and offering ongoing support for clients. Providing learning and development assets within the product is critical to delivering on this philosophy.

Think of it this way… not only can HeadLight gather and send information from inspectors to agency offices, but agencies can send content to inspectors through Academy.

Here is the course catalog users see when they access Academy:


Academy provides key capabilities to learners and helps drive adoption of HeadLight project intelligence applications.

8 Advantages for Your Team:

1) Content Delivery

With Academy we can deliver video, text, images, interactive content and audio to learners wherever they are online. This content can be related to platform training, release info, best practices, and professional development content. Click on the image below to view a video lesson:

Learners can access content wherever they are even out in the field.

The content is organized into a learning progression, which takes the learner through a series of intentional steps for them to first understand key concepts and then become proficient users of the platform.

2) Learner Progress Tracking

When learners complete steps in any course in Academy, their progress is tracked at the learner and admin level.


3) Gamification

Motivating learners to complete their learning plans is assisted by Gamification. Users can gain badges as they complete courses and can compare their progress to their colleagues on a leaderboard. Managers can have learning progress tracked and reported to them.


4) Professional Development

In addition to platform plans learners can access best practice content for ongoing improvement and advancement of a variety of timely industry content.


In this example, users can access Flagging Fundamentals in addition to platform training.

5) Custom Learning Progressions

Clients have the option to have custom learning progressions and branches of Academy developed for them. This allows them to have their own private area to post custom content and track their learners.

Custom learning progressions can house agency standard operating procedures, custom video content and just about any file that can be hosted online.


6) Adoption Considerations:

One of the key goals of Academy is to drive project intelligence application adoption. Helping users learn the platform, as well as access ongoing learning content, helps teams adapt to new technologies and stay engaged.

Click on the image below to watch a video that highlights how Academy can be accessed and used for platform training:

7) Custom Learning Progressions

In Academy, we have the ability to create custom learning progressions for individual agencies. This means that they could integrate their existing video, documents and other media assets into the current learning progressions so they can include their practices into their own private branch of Academy.

8) Ongoing Communication… Both Ways

Through Academy, agencies and field staff and interface via Academy to make sure all of the topics they need to learn about are available online.

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