Owner Leverages Project Intelligence to Avoid Significant Cost Overruns

Project: Large Urban Interstate Corridor


On a major urban interstate highway project, contractors were performing a seismic retrofit to ensure bridge columns could withstand seismic events, improving safety for motorists. Material suppliers delivered truckloads of grout to be installed in the column jackets to provide the reinforcements. The material loads were tested and this is what was found:


Key Observation

Large aggregates present in delivered grout load…


Project Outcome

In this case, the inspector was able to capture compelling information within the video and audio, automatically timestamping and location stamping that information, set it to an elevated priority, record in the written notes the events that transpired, and email the consolidated information off to the prime contractor and project engineer in the office, preventing this issue from becoming a disputed item. This saved both the owner and the contractor materials cost and labor through quick information capture and integrated communications.


Project Intelligence reduces risk.


Prevent Claims


Accelerate Delivery


Increase Accountability


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