Large California County Transportation Authority Overhauls Their Project Inspection Process, and the Results are Extraordinary

This California-based Transportation Authority is responsible for maintaining and improving their county’s transportation system by planning, funding, and delivering critical transportation infrastructure projects. They are also the county’s designated Congestion Management Agency (CMA), responsible for putting programs in place to keep traffic levels manageable. They have a lot on their plate and came to us looking for a way to use technology to manage projects better and reduce their exposure to risk.

After meeting with one of our Senior Construction Technology Advisors, to discuss the benefits of project intelligence on their job sites, they decided the best place to start is in improving the way they manage their project inspection and contract administration process. After just five months of using the Fieldbook module on our HeadLight project intelligence platform, the quantity and quality of their inspection information have improved exponentially, and their entire team from top executive sponsor to field inspector is working smarter!

They started using HeadLight Fieldbook in January, and this snapshot shows the increase in the volume and quality of observations taken month over month. Better observations and communications means reduced project risk and more effective decision making during construction.





Most impressive is how the entire team from field inspector to top executive sponsor embraced the new process and use of HeadLIght Fieldbook to improve the way they work.

After just 5 Months with HeadLight Fieldbook…

Field Inspectors

  • Spent >80% of their time on inspection tasks and capturing more photos and videos that are automatically tied to inspection notes.
  • Captured 100% of their inspection notes directly into Fieldbook for report generation and archiving.
  • Accessed all essential project materials such as plans in the field via their iPads.
  • Completed all required fields are in each daily report and submitted from the field directly from Fieldbook.

What they’ve STOPPED doing…

  • Taking observations as hand written notes in a paper notepad.
  • Returning to the office to spend another hour or two typing out notes and filing a report.
  • Taking pictures on a different device that may or may not get associated with the inspection notes.

Construction Managers

  • Comfortable with viewing field work activities in real time through the HeadLight platform without leaving their office and traveling to the jobsite.
  • Review and approve their inspectors daily reports through the HeadLight platform.
  • Complete tasks and office engineering documentation (Summary of working days, paynotes, force account pay sheets, quantity and bid item analysis, etc.) faster by using the search and filter features available in the HeadLight platform.

What they’ve STOPPED doing…

  • Printing reports and filing away in an archaic paper-based system of binders and file cabinets.
  • Searching through old report files in attempt to find specific project information.
  • Asking inspectors to provide information outside of the system.


  • Use HeadLight independently for real-time access to field activities on all of their projects.
  • Use the HeadLight platform to quickly locate any information needed to address disputes or claims.
  • Use electronic content and documentation for project closeout.

What they’ve STOPPED doing…

  • Printing and storing hard-copy documents at the conclusion of each project.
  • Calling Construction Managers directly for field updates.
  • Using limited resources to search for documentation to defend claims and disputes.

The HeadLight project intelligence platform transforms project data into actionable intelligence, thus enabling integrated communications among all stakeholders and providing meaningful insights through analytics and dashboards. This all leads to greatly increased value for the traveling public in this California county.

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