IQ Story – Payne & Dolan Leverage Project Intelligence to Reduce Errors and Expedite Project Delivery

Payne & Dolan, Inc. provides professional construction and engineering services in addition to producing top quality construction materials. Small and large companies alike rely on them to deliver cost-effective, expert solutions for their construction needs. While Payne & Dolan is often associated with state, municipal and federal projects, a majority of their customers are local businesses in need of changing or improving their current infrastructure. They were selected for the overhaul of the Fort Wayne, IN Glenbrook Square shopping mall drive through and parking structure and used the HeadLight Project Intelligence™ platform to manage the project and produce a quality deliverable on time.

“HeadLight gives us the ability to collect lots of data in little time.”
– Area Manager, Payne & Dolan

HeadLight can be used to track anything that does not meet specification and to manage that corrections are made quickly. Inspectors can document that the approved construction technique is used on site and that construction materials meet the project requirements.

Here an inspector was easily able to refer to plans in the field to determine where missing pavement markings occurred.

Using HeadLight to refer to plans, markup discrepancies, list bid items and tag the contractor.


“We are able to spend time on the job vs. the time it takes to search for documentation.”
– Area Manager, Payne & Dolan

Onsite images were captured at the exact location of the absent pavement markings and the inspector could annotate drawings and notes directly on the image through HeadLight.

Using HeadLight to annotate directly on a time and date stamped observation photo of where pavement markings were missing according to plan.


The quality of the rich media observations made possible through the HeadLight platform allowed for highly effective and professional reporting for all stakeholders throughout this project.

“We are able to generate, customer facing, professional looking reports in as little as 5-10 minutes.”
– Director of Engineering, Payne & Dolan

The use of HeadLight Project Intelligence™ allowed this team to quickly and effectively pinpoint discrepancies, created accountability and reduced the risk of this project creeping over schedule or budget.

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