HeadLight Delivers Project Intelligence Greatly Improves Project Efficiency

5mins with Deven Elison of Stanley Consultants


What’s one of your main project management concerns today?

We’ve got to improve productivity. If budgets are not going to increase that equals less man power, which means we have to get more out of the people we have. So how can I make the guys I have more efficient? And more productive? Streamline the communication between my inspectors? Anytime you’re more productive it’s a cost savings. This is why I became interested in HeadLight.

How has HeadLight improved productivity for your team?

One thing that’s awesome about Headlight is it’s a real-time update that I can pull up my iPad from wherever I am. I pull up the project, and for lack of a better term, it’s almost like a Twitter feed. Just the most current updates on top of each other and you can get all the things that are required in a daily inspector’s book. The 25 form. The equipment form. There’s a little button for almost every form that an inspector has to manage on a daily basis. You hit the weather, it gives you real-time weather, and it just updates as you roll through.

I’m usually in the field but not on one singular project. I’ll have anywhere from three to four lead inspectors managing three or four projects, and you’ll get a phone call, “Hey I’m running into a conflict, and I’ve got this and this, this isn’t gonna jive, what do you want me to do about it, I need someone to make the call.”

In these situations, HeadLight is a huge time saver for me. Right now one of my lead inspectors on a critical project has been splitting time on another project. Because he can log in and view the project remotely, he knows exactly what is going on at all times. He follows the project daily and has even reached out a few times when he is not on-site to give me some pointers on situations I am dealing with. He is 60 years old, and I can tell you, he is not going back to the way things used to be ever again.

Observation from Lewis Street Bridge project over the Portneuf River in Idaho.

Has the quality of your IDRs been impacted by using HeadLight?

The data quality is awesome, because you can take video or pictures directly from the app rather than guys packing a separate camera or using their cell phones that may or may not get downloaded at the end of the day. With HeadLight, it just feeds it right in there, and those pictures are annotated so that I can get it from my inspector and he’ll take a photo of an issue, and then he’ll just write right on it. I get notes like -“here’s the wreck, here’s the roll around the site, here’s the…”- you can just draw on it like a diagram, and I can see exactly what he’s talking about almost like I’m there.

What has been the biggest benefit since launching HeadLight?

I once managed a 40 million, 28-mile project. There were days that I spent my whole day just driving the truck back and forth along the project checking in with all my inspectors that are strewn along this 28-mile project. I never have to do that anymore because from wherever I’m at you can just go onto the iPad and say, “Hey, let me see Jim’s diary, let me see Bob’s diary,” and everybody can look and see each other’s and so, it’s real-time info of what all your other guys are running into and you can network. You know, the real power, the true power, is communication, in today’s world, so I don’t see us ever going back to the way we did things before.


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