Solving the Productivity Problem in Transportation Construction

Labor intensive and technology adverse are common descriptions of heavy infrastructure construction. But that reality is changing, and fast. A wide array of disruptive, breakthrough technologies are rapidly transforming the way infrastructure is built and operated, reshaping the way the infrastructure industry operates, and bringing major implications for every stakeholder.

The Economist recently addressed the productivity deficit in construction, the impact this waste is having over America’s ability to grow and how technology innovation is the answer.

Pinpoint Worldwide consultants have great insights into the technology effort now being shown in bringing large civil projects to completion and the providers offering the best solutions.

Imagine if you could view all of your active job sites from wherever you have an internet connection. How much more productive would real-time observation feeds and smarter collaboration make your team?

The HeadLight Project Intelligence platform is helping solve the industry’s productivity problem and is quickly becoming the new standard for transportation construction projects.


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