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7 Fatal Flaws of the Construction Inspection Process

documentation1)  Incomplete Inspection Documentation
The problem: Most inspection documentation today is done manually (written in notebooks) and requires painstaking effort. As a result, just the minimum required information is gathered.
The solution: With a mobile first digital solution, information can be captured easily at the point of construction with intuitive software that enables the collection of better quality and quantity of data.

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What the Decline in Oil Means for Departments of Transportation

The Los Angeles Times recently published a revealing article that focuses on how California is cutting their transit project funding due to the drop in gas-tax revenue. To learn more about the breakdown of where exactly that gas-tax revenue is allocated and how, Pavia Systems has put together a short video. To summarize, when you buy a gallon of gasoline, part of the cost of that gallon is the gas tax. This consists of both a federal component and a state component. Continue reading What the Decline in Oil Means for Departments of Transportation


Achieving Lean With Cloud and Mobile Technologies

In many ways, lean construction is about ensuring the right people receive the right information at the right time. Cloud and mobile technologies can greatly facilitate these goals. By storing information in the cloud, a construction team gains a single source that connects all the project data; from the master schedule to the weekly work plan; from real-time project inspections and insights to the most up-to-date BIM. Continue reading Achieving Lean With Cloud and Mobile Technologies


Why I joined Pavia Systems

I have always been passionate about how I can deliver more value to the design and construction industry through technology innovation. Throughout my career, I have focused my energy driving lean practices and principles into construction projects by leveraging cloud and mobile tools. I believe that through software innovation project stakeholders become empowered to make better informed decisions and gain more in-depth insights into their projects and teams. What is more, the AEC industry as a whole is lagging behind other industries in terms of productivity because of their inability to effectively use technology. A large part of this has to do with the fact that until recently much of the technology has not been purpose built and doesn’t work well with the mobile workforce of construction. Continue reading Why I joined Pavia Systems