HeadLight Experience Research Report

Transportation infrastructure teams from Washington, Minnesota, and Texas participated in a hands-on pilot of HeadLight, testing it extensively in the field and helping to develop the final product.

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HeadLight Pilot Overview:
  • Participants from all levels: Inspectors, Engineers, and Management
  • 3 months
  • 31 projects
  • $800,000,000 project budgets
  • Measured: Productivity, Data Quality and Data Availability

Pavia Systems provides access to the full pilot research report to potential clients. One of the ways our industry continues to grow and improve is by sharing learnings and successes among peers. We are pleased to provide the report in its entirety and offer complimentary consultations upon request to help you understand the steps needed to achieve similar results for your agency.

To request a copy please provide the following information:



What our customers are saying about HeadLight…

You’re going to collect more than you can do on the laptop. Everything’s right there, camera, video, voice, signature, anything you need to highlight, it’s all right there.

– Project Inspector, TxDOT

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