Pavia training products help Lakeside Industries improve its safety record, increase quality, teach best practices, and secure industry awards.

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Challenge – Establishing a Quality Brand

Lakeside Industries is a full-service asphalt paving contractor operating in the Pacific Northwest. The company operates asphalt plants, performs pavement construction services, and runs testing laboratories out of 12 divisions located in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. To help maintain consistency in staff training across these locations, Lakeside turned to Pavia Systems to develop online courses for new employee orientation on safety and environmental issues. A key focus of Lakeside’s training philosophy is to follow best practices and maintain consistent safety practices across all divisions of the company. This helps Lakeside distinguish itself from competitors and demonstrate the quality of its products.

Impact of Pavia Solution

  • Online safety training helped company cut injury incidents almost in half
  • 50% of divisions in the company achieved Diamond Paving commendation within 3 years
  • Total of 6 divisions have earned all three NAPA Diamond commendations

Pavia Training Helps Lakeside Improve Safety Record, Earn Awards

Lakeside is always on the lookout for ways to illustrate its commitment to safety, quality, and best practices. Training developed by Pavia contributed significantly to an overall reduction of injuries, with the number of incidents cut nearly in half. Lakeside has also earned industry recognition and awards with Pavia’s help. When the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) rolled out a new Diamond Paving commendation for construction teams, crew training was a central part of the assessment process for this award. Pavia worked with Lakeside to ensure that its training would satisfy the criteria NAPA had established. The end result was a suite of ten web-based training modules on essential asphalt paving topics that Pavia now offers as its RoadReady Diamond Package.

Each RoadReady module is equivalent to one hour of the 10-hour training crews must complete for the Diamond Paving commendation. The suite of modules helps train supervisors, equipment operators, and crews on such topics as work zone safety, paver operations, compaction, and quality control. NAPA has listed the Pavia RoadReady suite as a recognized method of satisfying the Diamond Paving award requirements. With the training Pavia provided, Lakeside was able to have six divisions of the company qualify and earn the NAPA Diamond Paving commendation in 2012.

The Pavia training gives our people a real sense of pride that we’re on the cutting edge of the industry in terms of safety and best practices.– Tammy Vibbert
Lakeside Industries


The Diamond Triple Crown

Lakeside has a well-established track record with the NAPA Diamond program, which includes two other awards, the Diamond Achievement and Diamond Quality commendations for plant operations and material quality. A facility can qualify for both of these as well as the Diamond Paving commendation, creating what can be called a “triple crown” of Diamond awards. The RoadReady suite helped two Lakeside divisions accomplish this feat right off the bat during the first year of the Diamond Paving program. Overall, Lakeside facilities have earned more than 100 NAPA Diamond commendations. Pavia continues working with Lakeside to develop and update their training, achieve awards, and help the company instill best practices for everyone on its staff.

Pavia training products help Lakeside Industries improve its safety record, increase quality, teach best practices, and secure industry awards.

Pavia Services Utilized
  • Curriculum Development
  • Multimedia Production
  • Animations and Interactions
  • Narration and Voiceover
  • Hosting Services

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