MTC StreetSaver Training Software

To make its training program available at any time and from any location, the MTC turned to Pavia to develop online training modules for its pavement management software.

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Challenge: Software Training for Agencies

Pavia Systems

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), a regional planning organization for the San Francisco Bay area, maintains a pavement management system called StreetSaver. The StreetSaver software was originally developed to help the agencies belonging to the MTC improve their pavement maintenance and rehabilitation practices. The program has now been adopted by over 400 cities and counties around the country to help manage their road networks. The MTC conducts training workshops for its agencies, including two days of classroom training on StreetSaver, to help their personnel learn the software. Pavement management personnel from outside agencies can also attend, which may require significant travel, but the workshops are fully booked well in advance due to limited classroom space.

Moving Training Online with Pavia

Due to the limited capacity of in-person training, the MTC wanted to provide a convenient, cost-effective option for StreetSaver users who might not otherwise have access to training. To help provide this option, the MTC approached Pavia Systems about developing a web-based version based on the classroom workshops. The goal of the project was to develop training that could be offered to individual users at any time in a consistent format, regardless of location. In particular, this would improve training availability and reduce costs for the more than two-thirds of StreetSaver users located outside the Bay Area.

In order to create an online experience equivalent to the existing classroom-based training, Pavia staff attended the classroom sessions and captured the content being conveyed during the live training. This included recording classroom sketches the instructor used to explain basic pavement management concepts and compiling tips that helped students master the software. Pavia also gathered information from software instruction manuals, designed a curriculum for online delivery, and created visual learning tools to support the training. This material was then assembled using polished graphics, animations, and screenshots to effectively recreate the classroom training in an electronic format. Pavia organized the training as a package of four self-paced online modules, each of which could be completed in less than an hour.

Flexibility and Room to Upgrade

By providing an online training equivalent to the MTC’s classroom program, Pavia is helping better support users of the StreetSaver software, as well as encouraging interest from more agencies outside the region in adopting StreetSaver for their pavement management needs. Making the training available online also allows agencies to get StreetSaver training for their staff at any time, such as when changing personnel. As a web-based program, the training can also be easily modified and updated as necessary. After developing the original set of training modules, Pavia came back to create a new module covering more advanced uses of StreetSaver for budget analysis, along with new features that had been added to the system.

Impact of Pavia Solution
  • Eliminated travel costs for software customers associated with previous training method
  • Made training available 24/7 for users to take at their own pace
  • Reduced training delivery time by more than one-half

To make its training program available at any time and from any location, the MTC turns to Pavia to develop online training modules for its pavement management software.

Pavia Services Utilized
  • Curriculum Development
  • Multimedia Production
  • Course Branding
  • Narration and Voiceover
  • Animations and Interactions

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