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HeadLight delivers game-changing Project Intelligence through a combination of real-time information, communications and insights. The platform combines dynamic collaboration with intuitive tools to provide powerful benefits, from accelerating project delivery and increasing accountability to defending claims and audits.

The mobile-first, cloud-based HeadLight platform is enhanced and customized through a suite of modules that enable all team members – from the field to the executive suite – to maximize Project Intelligence for their specific role.


Explore how HeadLight Project Intelligence modules can enhance your team’s project delivery today.


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Project Inspection

Fieldbook is a real-time mobile project inspection tool that replaces pen and paper.

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Project Costs

Tracker empowers your team to collect, record, and report real-time project cost impacts all in one place within the HeadLight platform.

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Training and Development

Academy is a learning tool used to educate teams on construction management best practices.

Improve processes for both field and office personnel.

For Project Inspectors:

Superior Data Collection

All observation data collected onsite is location- and time-stamped automatically and can be easily retrieved using a built-in search feature.

Daily Reports Built-in

This allows you to generate documents at the click of a button, so you can create and submit your documentation without leaving the field.

Real-time Project Updates

Areas of concern can be flagged onsite and visible to those who need them through the platform in real-time.

For Construction Managers:

Provides A Virtual Window

Gain real-time visibility into every active jobsite for your office and automatic notifications for issues that require your attention.

More Informed Decisions

Enable quicker, more timely, and more effective decision-making, since you receive information in real-time, without leaving your desk.

Reduced Risk & Long-term Claims

More comprehensive and complete project information will be collected, integrated, and accessible from a centralized location, whether it’s needed now or later.

Resources to Enhance Your Project IQ

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Project Inspection



Fieldbook is a real-time mobile project inspection tool that replaces pen and paper. The core module of the HeadLight platform, Fieldbook facilitates the gathering of vast amounts of information in the field and shares it in real-time with the project office and other stakeholders. Integrated communications enable entire teams to leverage the real-time information to solve problems and make decisions in a more informed and expedited manner.

Fieldbook Project Intelligence includes:

Fieldbook key benefits include:

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Project Financials



Tracker makes the essential tasks around managing and reporting on a construction project’s financial lifecycle simple and intuitive. It tracks work items remaining, percent complete and offers a simple way to attach measurement calculations to your materials quantities. This means an accurate and streamlined billing process and the well documented financial details needed to approach your next audit with confidence.

Tracker Project Intelligence includes:

Tracker key benefits include:

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Training and Development



Academy is an integrated, learning tool that educates users not only how to use the HeadLight platform but also on infrastructure construction management best practices. Academy’s suite of courses allows organizations to design their own fully customizable training program for new and seasoned employees, ensuring the job gets done right.

Academy Project Intelligence includes:

Academy key benefits include:

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