A Central Project Intelligence Hub

A central hub transforms information into actionable intelligence by enabling integrated communications amongst all stakeholders and by providing meaningful insights through analytics and dashboards. The combination of information, communication and insights is a powerful formula for solving a broad range of challenges in today’s complex infrastructure construction management.

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Reduce Risk

Building complex transportation projects without the proper tools is like jumping out of an airplane without a parachute and hoping there is a net somewhere on the way down. Improve project safety and accuracy by enhancing the quality of inspection data, reducing data transfer errors and providing the ability to access everything you need in one platform whether it is needed now or years from now.

Accelerate Delivery

Save time and speed project delivery with real-time data logging, reports and communication. Enable quicker, more timely, and more effective decision-making, since you receive information in real-time from the field or without leaving your desk.

Increase Accountability

The need for collaborative and efficient technologies that provide project intelligence is a necessity for today’s projects, not only during construction but also after its completion. Access a virtual window into every active job site with info-rich features like multimedia, alerts and advanced analytics so each member of your project team is informed on project progress.

Who Benefits from Project Intelligence?

HeadLight acts as one central system all your team members can use to collaborate. Field teams can record and post activity in real time while administrators can access robust reporting tools for intelligent decision-making.

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