Challenge the status quo of your transportation construction process

Challenge the status quo of your transportation construction process

Is one of your organization’s goals to build the best transportation infrastructure possible in the most cost-effective manner? Are you using technology to its best advantage to add efficiency to your project inspection process? What about time? Do you wish you had more of it? At Pavia Systems, we’re focused on helping you in all three of those areas by developing extraordinary technology that allows you to say goodbye to paper-based inspections and achieve astonishing results. Our solution to meet your key objectives and solve your inspection challenges is HeadLight.

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Improve processes for both field and office personnel.

For Project Inspectors :
Superior Data Collection

All observation data collected onsite is location- and time-stamped automatically and can be easily retrieved using a built-in search feature.

Daily Reports Built-in

This allows you to generate documents at the click of a button, so you can create and submit your documentation without leaving the field.

Real-time Project Updates

Areas of concern can be flagged onsite and notifications sent immediately to those who need them.

For Project Engineers:
Provides A Virtual Window

Gain real-time visibility into every active jobsite for your office and automatic notifications for issues that require your attention.

More Informed Decisions

Enable quicker, more timely, and more effective decision-making, since you receive information in real-time, without leaving your desk.

Reduced Risk & Long-term Claims

More comprehensive and complete project information will be collected, integrated, and accessible from a centralized location, whether it’s needed now or later.

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